dream (noun) \ˈdrēm\ A sleeping vision.

Tony and I sat across from each other in a café as he told me of the time that he once recorded two songs under the name Sleeping Vision.  He was inspired by an old dictionary when he saw its definition for the word dream.  “That’s it!” I said in excitement.  “That’s the perfect name for my photography.”  So it’s thanks to him that I found the name I was looking for to exemplify how I feel about my photographs. They are visions that I carry with me, some in sleep, some in consciousness.  I am always photographing in my head.  When I can get the vision out of my head and onto print, then I have succeeded.

My photographs are an extension of my soul, inextricably linked to my feelings and thoughts. I use them to convey so many emotions, some complex, some very simple.  They are not only a link to my surroundings, but to my core as well.

I hope you enjoy.

Amanda                                                                                                                                                                         theniftychick@gmail.com

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